Lagos Food Bank is a non-governmental, non-profit, private-driven initiative committed to fighting hunger, reducing food waste and offering emergency food services through our proposed food banking network across Lagos state. LFBI’s goal is to be the leader in battling the menace of hunger and its causes by creating, supplying, and strengthening new food banks and in all the twenty (20) Local Governments Areas in Lagos State.

We seek to alleviate hunger and poverty by delivering food and disaster reliefs free of charge. Our goal is to make a difference in our communities and create volunteer opportunities for all.

LFBI believes that food is a fundamental right of all people because food gives life and that hunger is an issue of social justice. LFBI is a leading advocate for promoting access to healthy food, expanding food service program, and increasing funding for the Supplemental Nutrition. These systemic and sustainable solutions support children, families, and adult citizens in being more food secure and healthy.

With the exception of shelter and clothing as the basic necessities of life, food remains the most vital because of its centrality to human existence.

Feeding children/school pupils is also one of our missions because research has shown that one (1) out of four (4) children in our community is “food insecure”, which implies that they are not sure when, or from where, their next meal will come. Creative solutions, such as the LFBI in every local government area in Lagos, are required in order to continually address this overwhelming problem of hunger and malnutrition.

Our mission is therefore borne out of the compassion an average Lagosian should have on the people we see around us every day; people living in abject poverty; i.e. people who do not have any hope of where their next meal will come from; bread winners who lost their jobs; single parents struggling to feed their children, children begging for food; urgent need for food arising from natural or financial crisis. Rising food and fuel prices, low incomes, unemployment health care some of the reasons why increasing numbers are in need of emergency food and succour.

We have also observed that even people we never expected could be hungry are indeed hungry and could not have imagined going out publicly to beg for food. We are motivated by these needs to give food, life and hope to people with little or no hope at all.

One of the most important results of the establishment of the LFBI is that it will put hidden poverty in plain sight and the need for action on the agenda. In this sense, the presence of food bank among us, even in the most affluent areas of Lagos, opens the eyes of the people to the need, vulnerability and poverty of others in our midst.