Family Farming Program

We share the vision of the UN Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028) which is a world where diverse, healthy and sustainable food and agricultural systems flourish, where resilient rural and urban communities enjoy a high quality of life in dignity, equity, free from hunger and poverty. Through the Food Bank’s family farming program, we have


Education Enhancement Intervention

The Problem   Generally, hunger affects our ability to concentrate and understand as humans, how much more a child?   Child malnutrition impacts on education attainment. The degree of cognitive impairments is directly related to the severity of stunting and Iron Deficiency Anaemia. Stunted children in the first two years of life have lower cognitive


Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention

Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mothers and Children, (NUMEPLAN) Project is a 16-month program that caters for the nutritious intake of Pregnant Mothers and infants who are malnourished or vulnerable to malnutrition in the under-served communities of Lagos State. The goal is to enable slums as well as Primary Health Centres (PHCs) to adopt


Job Placement Program

Lagos Food Bank Initiative adds innovation to its food security approach by collating the basic skills of the beneficiaries into Curriculum Vitae through its human resources practitioners. These skills are advertised to corporate organizations digitally to enable beneficiaries get jobs to fend for themselves and contribute to the enterprise as well.Also in a bid to


Mobile Pantry

We go out daily to reach out to children and destitute on the streets of Lagos and its environs, spreading love and care to the forgotten and most under-served areas. the underlined part was omitted in what you put on the website


Back to School Pack

At Lagos Food Bank, our Back to school giving program is never a yearly event but a monthly one. Each month, we distribute school bags, sandals and several writing materials to children living in the slums and other undeserved communities. This gesture helps their parents to save money to buy food at home. If you

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness starts with one person at a time. At Lagos Food Bank, we pay an unannounced visit to an indigent family once in a week to give raw food, relief items and several gifts to brighten up their day and make it special. You can sponsor this act of kindness to reach one or more