Family Farming Program

We share the vision of the UN Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028) which is a world where diverse, healthy and sustainable food and agricultural systems flourish, where resilient rural and urban communities enjoy a high quality of life in dignity, equity, free from hunger and poverty. Through the Food Bank’s family farming program, we have started training and empowerment of both women and youths, practically demonstrating agricultural activities and engaging them in our family farming and empowerment program. The foodbank hopes to train and equip over 200 women and youths by the next 12 months, promoting No poverty, Zero hunger, Gender equality, Decent work and economic growth; Sustainable Developments Goals.

We know that to feed the world and do it sustainably, an urgent and radical shift in our food systems is necessary. To be effective, transformative actions must be implemented to address the current world hunger and poverty hence our Agricultural solution.