The Lagos Food Bank is proud to be on the forefront of solving the problem of hunger and
malnutrition in our community especially among infants, school children, pregnant women
and seniors that are vulnerable and undeserved.
We see the connection between food, hope and life. It's a little more than full bellies to us.
It's about providing foods that nourish, replenish and satisfy, that is why we are committed
to the distribution of more nourishing foods to improve the nutritional status of our
We know that for children, lactating mothers and seniors, nutritious food is particularly
crucial to their growth, well-being and nourishment, health and disease prevention and
management. This is why we have prioritized sourcing and supplying more nutritious foods.

The Lagos Food Bank operates under the following nutrition guidelines:

Our efforts will continue to focus on procuring products that contribute greater nutritional
value to our beneficiaries, from fresh produce to processed foods.
Additionally, we are careful to see that all processed foods and beverages donated must
have been regulated by the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control
(NAFDAC), bearing a NAFDAC number.

Nutritious Meal Plan Intervention for Vulnerable Mothers and Children (NUMEPLAN):
Every malnourished female child develops to be a malnourished adolescent and
consequently a malnourished mother who will give birth to a malnourished child and the
vicious cycle continues. We understand the importance of the first 1000 days of every child,
which is why under this program we encourage exclusive breastfeeding for the first six
months, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). We ensure provision of
nutrition rich supplementary food items to young mothers and their children.
Nutrition Intervention for Diabetes Self-Management (NIDS)
We adhere strictly to therapeutic foods for providing nutrition intervention for the
management of diabetes, as recommended only by our in-house nutrition team.
At Lagos Food Bank we approach our mission of ending hunger not only by providing food
but also by emphasizing the relationship between food, life and hope. We want the foods
we distribute to contribute to the good health of beneficiaries.

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